If we are to learn from our past we must continue to strive to come together as one city. We must continue to build, community by community, and recognize that our differences and respective experiences are the common grounds for unity.
— Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa

We invite your organization to take part in this historic occasion!

This partnership consists of prominent faith organizations, as well as a coalition of nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, corporate sponsors and community leaders, who are committed to confronting the root causes of the Los Angeles Riots in 1992, and uniting the community through collective community service.

What are Partnership Goals?

The goals of the partnership are the following: 1) To unite the community through the banner of service. 2) To reflect upon the state of racial relations and economic disparity here in Los Angeles and collectively plan steps for the future. 3) To tell the unheard stories of victims of the Los Angeles Riots.

What are the Commitments?

  1. We ask that you promote the SAIGU Campaign to your members through a direct email blast, or by inclusion in your monthly or quarterly e-newsletter and/or promote through social media and provide proof of evidence of outreach.
  2. To participate in the press conference.
  3. Help in identifying funding dollars for the SAIGU Campaign.
  4. Provide and/or support volunteers in various SAIGU Campaign events.

We will be acknowledging our Supporting Organizations as follows:

  1. Recognition on website ( and
  2. Recognition in relevant collateral materials including program booklet, email blasts, etc.

Want to partner with the SAIGU Campaign? If interested, please fill out the online application found below:

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