It's over! Some thoughts on going forward...

Whenever we plan a large event at KCCD, there's always a tendency to feel somewhat listless the day after the event. We've spent so many countless hours planning, organizing logistics and having meetings, that suddenly not having a specific objective to focus on typically requires a little bit of transition time.

Strangely, this hasn't been the case for us after SAIGU.  We had our event on Sunday, to great success and acclaim. But even though we were all physically exhausted the next day, we were all immediately ready to continue carrying out the spirit of the work we've put into the campaign.

The fact that so many people, from so many different socio-economic backgrounds, were willing to join with us to reflect on the root causes of the LA Riots, and the changes which have taken place in our community over the past twenty years, shows the progress that our community has made.

We look forward to continue working with you in the future!