Updates from the SAIGU press conference - April 12th

On April 12th, selected members of the SAIGU Campaign committee held a press conference to discuss the campaign.

Ms. Hyepin Im (KCCD Founder and CEO), Reverend Young Ik Byun - President of Council of Korean Churches in Southern California, and Reverend Jong Dai Park - Co-Chair of KCCD, sat down with reporters to discuss both previous and upcoming SAIGU events.

Special focus was given to the Days of Dialogue on April 27th, artist Maggie Hazen's event on April 30th, and our cornerstone event on April 29th.

All of those present spoke eloquently about how they believed that these events were helping bring the community closer together, but also believed that there is more work to be done.

For further questions or to RSVP for our upcoming events, please check the appropriate tabs o this site.