A New Beginning

The SAIGU L.A. Riots Committee’s vision is to revisit a tragic chapter in our city’s history for the purpose of celebrating unity on the 20th anniversary of the riots. The L.A. Riots were a catastrophic event that impacted millions of lives, exposing the racial, economic and political disparities of the time.

Some of the results of the L.A. Riots include:

  • 3,600 fires

  • 1,100 building destroyed

  • 2,000 businesses destroyed

  • 2,000 critically injured

  • 53 deaths

  • $1 billion in property damage

While the damages of the L.A. Riots are still not forgotten by our communities, we believe that commemorating this moment in history can serve as a catalyst to educate, mobilize, and bring Los Angeles and America together during these difficult times. The LA Riots SAIGU Planning Committee consists of elected officials, multi ethnic, interfaith leaders and community organizers. In that spirit, more than 6,500 people will gather at the Glory Church of Jesus Christ. (formerly the Olympic Grand Auditorium) to reignite our efforts to build trust and reconciliation through candid dialogue.

Over the next 5 months, SAIGU will organize the following activities:

·       Citywide film screening

·       Community service projects

·       An economic development bus tour

·       A multicultural food festival

·       A town hall meeting on race and relations

·       A candlelight vigil

·       Unity Service